In the PPK Valpovo silo, which has a capacity of 47,000 tonnes, 60,000 to 70,000 tonnes of cereals and oleaginous plants are received, cleaned, dried, stored and dispatched each year, whether into own production or on the market. Other than for our own production and our cooperating partners’ production, our silo capacities are also used by other partners and cooperation organizers in the Valpovo region.

The silo’s primary activity is receipt, cleaning, drying, storage, protection against storage pests and delivery of cereals and oleaginous plants. Product control is performed by an independent company, which guarantees the highest possible level of security to our buyers.

In addition to conventional production, the silo is certified to receive organic cereals and oleaginous plants from our own production and from the production of our cooperating partners and other partners.

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silo capacity
Weighing, analysis and control

Analysis is conducted by a certified company.

Goods receipt

Goods are received and kept at a special location until the analysis reports are received.

Cleaning, drying and cooling

Goods are treated in accordance with the received analysis reports.


Goods are stored in silos.


Goods are distributed to the end consumer.

Quality control

We are aware of how important it is to preserve product quality during storage, which is why we continuously make certain that all goods arriving to our silo are safe, as well as comply with the regulations, standards and laws. Goods sampling and analysis during receipt is performed by the certified company INSPECTO d.o.o. We also perform more complex analyses, such as microbiological analysis, heavy metal analysis, pesticide analysis and mycotoxin analysis. All of the basic analyses are performed during goods receipt and dispatch, as well as more often where necessary.