Organic production

In the organic production sector, PPK Valpovo engages in growing cereals and oilseeds, rearing calves in the cow–calf operation and organic cooperation; likewise, in regard to silos, we have a separate certified silo for organic goods with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes.

On 590 hectares of own arable land for organic crop farming, we mainly grow wheat, spelt, sunflower and rapeseed, as well as grass mixtures and alfalfa for the cow–calf operation.

In the cow–calf operation, we rear calves of beef breeds.

Considering our own production and certified silo capacity, we recognized the need for cooperation in production of organic cereals and oilseeds very early on. For our cooperating partners, we offer to finance their sowing operations, procure agricultural production materials and purchase their organic cereals and oilseeds. Annually, we trade more than 4,000 tonnes of organic crops, mainly barley, oats, wheat, spelt, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean and corn.

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Organic fodder

We are developing organic fodder production and trade in the entire Republic of Croatia, where we cooperate with producers who engage in organic livestock production. Our certified organic products such as cereals and cereal mixes are an important part of the diet of organic livestock, since we are the only producer of such products in the Republic of Croatia.

In the Valpovka Fodder Factory, we produce organic cereal mixes (wheat, oats, barley, corn, mixed, pelletized). Our buyers have recognized the quality and importance of such diet for organic livestock farming; annually, we produce more than 300 tonnes of organic fodder.

Purchase of crops

In addition to professional assistance, we offer to finance our cooperating partners’ production materials for spring and autumn sowing operations, as well as to purchase their products and place them on the market.

Storage in the organic silo

The organic silo of PPK Valpovo has a capacity of 4,000 tonnes. The entire cycle from the loading to the unloading of the products is completely separate from conventional cereals and oleaginous plants.


In trade of organic cereals and oleaginous plants, we cooperate with numerous partners across Europe; primarily Germany, Italy and Hungary.