Crop farming

In the Valpovo region, PPK Valpovo’s crop farming operation takes place a total of 5,440 hectares of land, of which 4,850 hectares are used for conventional agricultural production, while 590 hectares are cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic plant production.

In crop farming, we grow winter crops – wheat, barley and rapeseed, as well as summer crops – corn, sunflower, soybean and sugar beet. By using modern technologies and irrigation, we have expanded our production to include vegetable crops.

We continuously invest in new machinery and new technologies, improvement of soil quality through use of manure fertilizer and setting up drainage systems. We also invest in training our employees so that they would be able to manage the available modern machinery and technologies in the best possible way.

In addition to the use of technologies such as smart fertilization, we also invest in irrigation systems. Our objective for the future is to increase the number of hectares of land covered by irrigation systems as a response to climate change. 

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Modern technology
Technology made possible by machinery equipped with satellite navigation, as well as use of drones in our production help us to complete all production  processes even in severe climate conditions.
Organic production of cereals and oilseed plants

In the organic crop farming sector, PPK Valpovo grows organic cereals and oilseed plants. On 590haof land reserved for organic crop farming, we mainly grow wheat, spelt, sunflower and rapeseed, as well as grass mixtures and alfalfa for the cow–calf operation.